Public Lectures – Should I go? Use the Jargon-o-Meter

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Here at Steel City Science, we try to list Pittsburgh science events that might be of interest to the public. To help you decide whether a particular event is for you, we would like to introduce the Jargon-o-Meter.

The Jargon-o-Meter lets you know whether the event is aimed at the general public, and hence will be fun and jargon free, or whether the event is aimed at PhD-level scientists, and hence will be fun and loaded with incomprehensible jargon. We’ll add the appropriate number of Jargon-o-Meter Hurdles™ to each lecture announcement, to give you a sense of how much jargon to expect.

Here’s the scale:

1 – Bring your kids. And the dog. Jargon-free fun for the whole family

2 – Bring your enthusiasm.  Jargon-free fun for interested adults

3 – Bring your iPhone to look up long words. Fun for geeky-types that don’t mind the odd bit of jargon

4 – Bring your college degree. Fun for those that have sat through college-level science courses (and enjoyed them!)

5 – Bring your advil. Fun for those that think comprehensive PhD exams are fun

Bust of Andrei Sakharov by sculptor Peter Shapiro, photo by dbking at Flickr, Creative Commons

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