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We here at Steel City Science want you to know something about us: we think Science is awesome, and we think Pittsburgh is a fantastic place.  We want everyone in Pittsburgh to know about the fantastic science that happens right here in the burgh, and that’s why we blog.

It shouldn’t surprise you to know that we also support science literacy, especially in Pittsburgh’s schools.  That is why we are so excited to announce that we are participating in the Science Bloggers for Students Challenge at DonorsChoose.  If you are not familiar with the fantastic work at Donor’s choose, let me give you the summary. Teachers in need of supplies notify the community, and individual donors can pay for part or all of any project they like.  I was heartbroken to see that the city of Pittsburgh has 18 projects currently seeking funding, many of which had not received any support.  And that’s not right; WE support Pittsburgh’s teachers.

Here is the challenge, between now and Oct 22, we are locked in a fierce fundraising battle with other bloggers to raise the most funds via our giving page.  I’ve found some local projects that I think are very worthy of funding (pencil sharpeners and markers for third graders?), but if there are other projects you’d like to support it counts for us provided you follow our link for giving.

Please, if you can share some money with a classroom to help create Pittsburgh’s next generation of innovative scientists, the students need your help.  And frankly, I’d like to show the WIRED blogs that Pittsburgh is more generous than their corporate goons.  Share the link, share the opportunity to learn, and thanks in advance for being such generous supporters of Pittsburgh and your student’s education.

Photo taken by paigggeyy

Her caption reads: Home-made Coffee Machine

Next year, teachers aren’t allowed to used coffee machines or microwaves for insurance reasons. One of my teachers created one out of everything science related, it was awesome to see that it actually worked.

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