Science 2011: Addicted to Plastic

Posted on October 4, 2011 by


This week is one of my favorite events on the Pittsburgh Science scene, Science 2011. This is a free event that allows scientists from the area to share their recent findings and highlight some exciting new themes in many fields.  Our blobologist has already mentioned some great highlights this year, including a keynote lecture by Craig Venter and discussion on the Marcellus Shale.

While many of the lectures will be a full 5 on the Jargon-o-meter, another one that might be more exciting for the general audience is a showing of the documentary, “Addicted to Plastic” (here is a link to the trailer).  This will be shown at  1pm Friday, Oct7.  The documentary is about the many ways that plastics are used by consumers, and the future of plastics and plastic like materials (plastics from chicken feahers?  Mining old landfills for plastics?).  This should be a nice addition to the Next Gen theme this year. Check it out!

If you are interested, you can register for Science 2011 on site, or in advance, here.

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Photo: Plastic Flowers Growing Well, by Materials Aart