Make a big difference with your spare change

Posted on October 17, 2011 by


Here’s the nice thing about donating money to local school projects during our Science Bloggers for Students challenge: you get to hear about the difference you made.  Just read the letters of thanks from the three teachers whose projects were officially funded last week. But there are still three more projects in the Steel City Science challenge that remain unfunded! With one week to go, we are running out of time.

Donating to these Pittsburgh classrooms is super easy, you can use credit card, pay-pal or your Amazon account, and you can choose the project that you would most like to support.

Human Body project

Thanks so much for donating to my project! I cannot express how much your kindness and consideration means to us. It is great to see the support that you are giving to my students.
I cannot wait to share the wonderful news with my students. There have been so many times when they have asked about how the body works. Although I tried to describe it, I was not fully able to explain it so that they could grasp the topic. These models will help to students to complete their answers. They can touch and manipulate the models. I can just picture how their eyes will light up! This will help them to not only learn science, but to learn about themselves in the process. I am sure that the students will enjoy them thoroughly!

I appreciate your generosity! Thanks does not seem to be enough, but please know that we are truly grateful!

With gratitude,
Mrs. K

Help us stay ‘sharp’ project

Thank you all so much for your generous support. I really cannot put into words how much this means to all of the third grade teachers, as well as all of the students. It’s tough times like these when it becomes clear of who your supporters are. Thank you for supporting education.

As I have already said, these times are tough, but you have given us a wish on our wish list. Pencil sharpeners may seem so silly to request, but you really have no idea how important they are until you don’t have them. Once again, thank you for helping me achieve in my classroom!

With gratitude,
Ms. K

Outdoor Education Classroom project

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity, it has always amazed me how many kind hearted people live in the US and how many wonderful things you do in our own country as well as around the world. This is why the United States is truly one of the most wonderful countries in the world. Your generosity will put smiles on my students faces Monday morning when I tell them the news this projects has been fully funded! Your donation will give many students an adventure that most would have never have experienced with out your help. These trips will create memories that will last a life time and help develop a interest in the outdoors and our environment.

Thank you once again,

With gratitude,
Mr. G