Happy National Chemistry Week!

Posted on October 18, 2011 by


Since 2011 is the International Year of Chemistry, when National Chemistry Week rolls around this year you can’t miss the chance to celebrate.  Chemistry makes plastics and put the non-stick coating on your frying pan, it built the medicine you take when you are sick and the vitamins you take to keep you health and it can turn sunflowers into diesel fuel. Chemistry builds molecules in millions of exciting ways-there is lots to celebrate!  New to Chem Week celebrations?  Then you might want to check out the exciting happenings at the Carnegie Science Center this week.

These fluids carefully measured and shared on Flickr by Horia Varlan

This year Chemistry week falls on Oct 16-22, and the Carnegie Science Center events will be Friday and Saturday. In addition to the usual great offerings at the Science Center (interactive exhibits suitable for all ages), there will be some 20 booths set up by different organizations that will include hands on demos and more in depth information about chemistry in your everyday life and careers in chemistry. I’m going to be there doing a demonstration of the principle of physical change in a small scale carbohydrate crystallization reaction- or as I prefer to think of it, Making Candy for Science. AND there will be Chemistry themed shows in the THREE live theaters.  AND the Drake Oil Well Mobile Museum will be visiting, so you can learn about the history of the petroleum industry and the role Pennsylvania had in it’s early years.

The fun will take place at the Carnegie Science Center from 9-3 Friday the 21st and 10-5 Saturday the 22nd. You get to enjoy all that for the regular price of admission.

Does that get you in the mood to do some chemistry at home, or remind you of another great Chem Week event happening in the Burgh? Please let us know!