Scitech is here! And ChemStars are coming!

Posted on November 8, 2011 by


Do you know someone in middle school or high school who likes science?  Enjoys doing hands on activities?  Wants to know more about careers in science? Then there are two events at the Carnegie Science Center you should tell them about.  The first is Scitech, an annual event highlighting Pittsburgh’s strengths in science and technology, including Robotics, Materials Science and Biotech.  There are lots of hands on demos, workshops and temporary exhibits to explore.  I am looking forward to the workshop on making your own ringtone, and exploring the Pitt Mobile Lab.  I will be at the Girls’ Math and Science Program making bracelets and talking about genetics.  Come by this week from 9-2 through Friday, it is included in the price of admission.

Next up is a unique program for girls from 4th-9th grade who want to learn more about careers in Chemistry. ChemStars is going to talk to girls about the ways that chemistry can touch your everyday life, and highlight how girls can get involved careers.  In full disclosure, I am planning the five demos for this event, so I don’t mind telling you it should be both fun and educational.  We’ll be making candy and infusions of flowers, and more fun things too.  This is related to the International Year of Chemistry, and is sponsored by 5 local company companies.  These companies (BASF, Bayer, LanXess, Nova and PPG) will be bringing in mentors and leading demos to encourage some excitement about Chemistry. This program is from 9:30-1 Saturday, and the cost is $5.