Getting Down with DNA at Assemble

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DNA Party Poster

Getting Down with DNA at Assemble Pittsburgh

Pittsburghers!  Ever want to rub elbows with world class scientists without needing an advanced degree to  get past small talk?  Do you ever wonder what else there could be to learn about DNA?  Do you want your kids to see DNA up close? Then, just for you, there is a fantastic event at the art gallery assemble in the Penn Ave Arts District (5125 Penn Ave)- a free DNA party Wednesday the 16th from 4:30-7:30.

I have heard about some of the other really fun events that have happened at assemble in the past, the jargon-o-meter says this should be appropriate for everyone from kids to grandparents to scientists.  In fact, I know some of the scientists who are going to be there, and you should jump at the chance to hang out with such bright and approachable researchers.  The resident expert for this party is MacArthur Fellow and Professor Elodie Ghedin. Dr. Ghedin has a fascinating research program to investigate the evolution of pathogenic species from non-harmful species in all kinds of things; parasites, viruses and bacteria.  Her research has put her into contact with a huge host of diseases, and mountains of DNA sequence data about them: this has made her an expert in microbiology, public health and computational biology. Her creative and fearless approach to the study of DNA makes her an ideal guest of honor.

In addition, there are going to be some hands-on demos (do you have any idea how much DNA you can get out of peas??) run by other local scientists, so you can impress your children or pick their brains and learn a lot in a fun, casual party atmosphere.

Assemble has put together several of these science parties, and we are looking forward to seeing what else they’ll have to share with Pittsburgh in the near future.