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Getting Down with DNA at Assemble

November 14, 2011


Pittsburghers!  Ever want to rub elbows with world class scientists without needing an advanced degree to  get past small talk?  Do you ever wonder what else there could be to learn about DNA?  Do you want your kids to see DNA up close? Then, just for you, there is a fantastic event at the art […]

Scitech is here! And ChemStars are coming!

November 8, 2011


Do you know someone in middle school or high school who likes science?  Enjoys doing hands on activities?  Wants to know more about careers in science? Then there are two events at the Carnegie Science Center you should tell them about.  The first is Scitech, an annual event highlighting Pittsburgh’s strengths in science and technology, […]

Fishing for Answers in Development

October 24, 2011


Picture this: a warehouse room full of quietly dripping tanks, stacked on racks to the ceiling, and as far as the eye can see. Each tank is full of a couple dozen subjects that will help Pittsburgh researchers understand the way bodies develop.  Zebrafish help us study how a single fertilized egg can develop into […]

Happy National Chemistry Week!

October 18, 2011


Since 2011 is the International Year of Chemistry, when National Chemistry Week rolls around this year you can’t miss the chance to celebrate.  Chemistry makes plastics and put the non-stick coating on your frying pan, it built the medicine you take when you are sick and the vitamins you take to keep you health and […]

Science 2011: Addicted to Plastic

October 4, 2011


This week is one of my favorite events on the Pittsburgh Science scene, Science 2011. This is a free event that allows scientists from the area to share their recent findings and highlight some exciting new themes in many fields.  Our blobologist has already mentioned some great highlights this year, including a keynote lecture by […]

Science Bloggers for Students Challenge: DonorsChoose

October 2, 2011


We here at Steel City Science want you to know something about us: we think Science is awesome, and we think Pittsburgh is a fantastic place.  We want everyone in Pittsburgh to know about the fantastic science that happens right here in the burgh, and that’s why we blog. It shouldn’t surprise you to know […]

Pitt: World Class Cancer Researchers Facilitate Viral Discovery

September 30, 2011


For years, Pittsburgh has had disproportionate number of the world’s experts in one specific area of research.  As a community, they represent diverse approaches to understanding the fundamental science behind and clinical outcomes of polyomavirus infection.  This fact perhaps goes generally unappreciated by the general public who, unlike me, don’t have a favorite polyomavirus or […]